Pakistan’s Space Programme is far better than that of India – Pak Experts



Nuclear Expert, Dr. Nauman Sattar Tuesday said that Pakistan has become one of the few countries to have its own remote sensing satellite in orbit.

Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said that the PRSS-1 is China’s first optical remote sensing satellite sold to Pakistan and the 17th satellite developed by the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) for an overseas buyer. It is a gift of China to Pakistan.

He said the 1,200 kg satellite PRSS-1 will operate at an altitude of 640 km. The satellites were transported to China as the country lacks the capability and infrastructure to launch objects into space, he added.

Chinese Long March-2C rockets are mainly used to send satellites into low Earth or Sun-synchronous orbits. Pakistan has definitely an edge on India regarding missile technology, he said.

Senior Analyst Raja Qaisar Ahmed also said that it is a milestone and ground breaking development that launched two indigenously manufactured satellites into orbit using a Chinese Long March 2C rocket.

He said that it is the first optical remote sensing satellite of Pakistan and will be used for land and resources surveying, monitoring of natural disasters, agriculture research, and urban construction and providing remote sensing information for the Belt and Road region.

He mention that Pakistan’s space program is far better than that of India. The satellite, which has a designed life of seven years, is equipped with two panchromatic/multispectral cameras, with a resolution up to a meter and a coverage range of 60 km, he added.




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