Make in India boost: Indian Army may procure more Akash missile systems from DRDO

The Indian Army is likely to order another batch of Akash missiles, India’s first indigenously built surface-to-air missile developed by the DRDO. The Indian Army, which has shown immense interest in the Akash missile system, is very satisfied with its operational capabilities and performance, reported The Hindu. Speaking to the media Lt. Gen Parminder Singh S Jaggi, Director General, Army Air Defence had said that the defence forces were fully satisfied with the performance of Akash system and that they were also intending to enhance its performance.

However, it was also reported in 2016, that the Indian Army had rejected the indigenously built Akash missiles. The Indian Army in 2016, had said that it would not procure more Akash missiles and that it would instead go for the Israeli quick reaction surface-to-air missiles(QR SAMs). It had said that the Akash defence missile systems had not met its operational requirements in defending enemy air attacks in the forward areas. But, the Indian Army today seems to be convinced by its capabilities and is likely to procure more missile systems, reported DNA. The Indian Army continues to maintain the existing order for six firing Akash batteries with hundred missiles each and the deal was fixed for Rs 14,180 crore.

Akash missile is a medium-range surface-to-air missile which can simultaneously engage multiple targets in all kinds of weather conditions. The Akash system features a launcher, a missile, an integral mission guidance system, autopilot system, C4I centres, and also a multifunctional radar. Its system is also equipped with batteries with control centre and radars which help in tracking targets. For further efficiency, the system is also integrated with a self-destructive device.

The missile launched from this system can fly at a supersonic speed ranging from 2.8 Mach to 3.5 Mach. Its range capability is approximately 25 km. The Akash missile is being developed by the DRDO under the integrated guided-missile development programme (IGMDP). Inducted first in the May 2015, Akash missile system has faced many difficulties, but has emerged as one of best surface-to-air missile system after it was successfully tested in December 2017.

SOURCE : Financial Express



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