India quietly launches INS Arighat, 2nd ‘Made in India’ Nuclear Submarine

Indian Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced the launch of the second indigenously designed Arihant-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) on order for the Indian Navy (IN).

Official sources told Jane’s that the launch of Arighat , which took place during a low-key ceremony held at the Ship Building Centre (SBC) at Visakhapatnam on 19 November, entailed flooding the dry dock housing the SSBN to enable it to float into the surrounding waters for additional fitment ahead of its commissioning in 2020-21.

India has already started groundwork to develop its next successor with the development of next-generation Ballistic Missile Submarine. Arighat will be succeeded in the dry dock by two similar SSBNs that have been temporarily designated S4 and S4*.

S4 and S4 will be armed with K-4 and K-5 SLBMs. They will be India’s Second line of SSBN by the time all 6 Nuclear Submarines are operational.




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