Brahmos Missile test from an Su-30 MKI a threat to region : Pak Foreign Office

Foreign Office Spokesman Dr Muhammad Faisal on Thursday said that India’s latest test of BrahMos cruise missile was a threat to regional peace and stability.

Addressing the weekly press briefing, he said that such moves threatened regional peace and stability. “They also expose Indian duplicity that it only pays lip service to the arms control regimes. Pakistan has consistently raised serious concerns about these developments as they negatively impact regional security and stability,” he said.

“Pakistan continues to stress the need for a meaningful dialogue for confidence-building, avoidance of arms race and promotion of strategic stability in South Asia. Pakistan’s proposal for a strategic restraint regime for South Asia remains on the table.”

Dr Faisal said that the recent increase in missile tests by India after its membership of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) “demonstrates its policy of duplicity” as it had refrained from any such tests in the period before receiving the membership, likely to help its chances of gaining it.




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